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In this web gallery we are happy to show you selected works by the artist. Harald Thiel left an extensive legacy of images and graphics as well as original sketches for the commissioned works of art in architecture.

Harald Thiel (born September 28, 1931 in Gebirgsneudorf, Czechoslovakia; † November 4, 2002 in Dresden) was a German painter and graphic artist.

In addition to painting and graphics, he dealt with lead glass and architectural techniques. Some of the commissioned works have been preserved and can be viewed on the object in Dresden and the surrounding area.

Through the trust holdings of the Free German Trade Union Federation, two large-format pictures came into the possession of the art fund of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden: Das Konzert, 1967, oil on canvas, and Die Koppelung, 1976/77, oil on hard fiber, two-part, one of the few pictures in the former GDR, which dealt with space travel.

In the studio - 1970