Stages of his artistic life


1954 - 1959   

Study of the art of painting and graphics at the "Hochschule für Bildene Kunst" in Dresden - HfBK Teachers Prof. Erich Fraaß and Prof. Rudolf Bergander


Diploma for his graduation at HfBK - Dresden

1959 - 1963

Worked as a freelance artist 

Execution of commissioned work and educational teaching assignments at the HfBK in the subject - "Depicting of nature studies" as well as participation in various exhibitions at home and abroad


Member of the union for fine arts, VBKD

1963 - 1969

Valedictorian of Prof. R. Bergander at HfBK - Dresden

Commissions for art in architecture. Execution of the first building-related works in artistic antique lead glazing and panel paintings.

Art pedagogical activity as a teacher at the HfBK in the areas of "stage designer", "animation" and "makeup artist" in the subject "Depicting of nature studies".

Participation in art exhibitions at home and abroad, including in Vienna, CSR, Poland, Mongolia, Russia,


Art Prize of the NVA for an exhibition in Berlin ´64


Winner of the competition for the design of a mural for the city of Dresden, with an order for execution

1969 - 1978

Freelance academic painter and graphic artist based in Dresden.

Execution of building-related works on behalf of the state of Saxony and the city of Dresden.

1978 - 1992

Lecturer at HfBK in the subject - natural drawing and constructive color theory - for the "make-up artist" department

1992 - 2002

Freelance academic painter and graphic artist active in Dresden. Participation in exhibitions in Bulgaria, Denmark and Sweden