Harald Thiel mit seiner Frau Laura-Lonny
1958 in Dresden

He was the first child of German parents who lived in the Sudetenland.

At the age of 12 he lost his father in the war. During the Second World War, his mother and the remaining family fled with him from the Sudetenland to Dresden.

There at the age of 13 he was an eyewitness to the air raids on Dresden on February 13 - 1945, which also shaped his life and work.

After 1945, he completed an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker, just like his father. He later made Dresden his adopted home for himself and his family.

He did his military service from 1950 to 1953.

During this time he also met his future wife Laura-Lonny. They both married in 1952. The marriage had three children.

His youngest daughter is currently managing his extensive estate.